Tuesday, January 29, 2008




Online petition - Say NO to United Nations'
abolishment of Traditional Chinese in 2008

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geo said...


by 李怡志


Signals said...


In Opposition To The New World Order 對抗新世界秩序

We the undersigned do hereby pledge the following 10 statements in opposition to the New World Order/world government system: 反新世界秩序簽名運動

1. We do not wish to have your world government system forced on us, either covertly or overtly, nor will we. 反對單一世界政府系統迫脅
2. We do not wish to be micro-chipped and forced to participate in a cashless society, nor will we. 反對人體植入晶片的無現金社會 (啟示錄13:16-18)
3. We do not wish give up any (more) of our rights, nor will we. 反對獨裁放棄人權
4. We do not wish to support ANY more wars that you profit from, nor will we. 反對所有利益衝突的戰爭
5. We do not wish to be the victims of your population control methods, nor will we. 反對成為人口控制的受害者
6. We do not wish to be (further) dumbed down by the propaganda techniques of your "main stream media", nor will we. 反對啞忍單一宣傳媒體
7. We do not wish to let you further rob us of the natural resources that we are all entitled to, nor will we. 反對無故被搶奪天然資源
8. We do not wish to be a society of sheep, nor will we. 反對羊群心理跟從敗壞社會
9. We do not wish to remain silent about your agenda, nor will we. 反對對邪惡的議程保持沉默
10. We do not wish to live in fear of the new world order and your supporters, NOR WILL WE! 反對害怕新世界秩序與其支持者