Wednesday, December 19, 2007




目前時差看起來是差不多快調回來啦,至少白天不會想睡。昨天晚上還跟學弟很認真地邊聽著Luis Miguel 的 Blanca Navidad 在公司裡跑了兩圈快三千公尺。不過連兩天晚上十點左右都超想睡的,連看卡通都會睡著。然後太早睡的結果就是一大早四五點就醒了,早睡早起好像有點像是老人作息。



Artist: Foo Fighters

Wish I were with you but I couldn't stay
Every direction leads me away
Pray for tomorrow but for today
And all I want is to be home

Stand in the mirror you look the same
Just looking for shelter from the cold and the pain
Some want to cover, safe from the rain
And all I want is to be home

Echoes and silence, patience and grace,
All of these moments I'll never replace
No fear of my heart, no absence of faith
And all I want is to be home

All I want is to be home

People I've loved, I have no regrets
Some I remember some I forget
Some of them living some of them dead
And all I want is to be home

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